How to

Make an Impact

with Your Work


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A 2017 Gallup poll reveals that up to 85% of people are disengaged at work: people don’t feel there’s much they can do to change things. If you or your team feel this way at least sometimes - our E3.0 Guidebook is for you!  Our interactive guide will show how you can start making the impact you want!

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  • The E3.0 Mindset

    Discover how to cultivate a mindset that fosters creativity, collaboration, and connection between staff, stakeholders, and customers

  • The E3.0 Elements

    We show you a model for developing your career and business to make an impact with any project, product or enterprise

  • The 5 Steps for Making an Impact with Your Work

    Then, we will guide you through the FIVE STEPS to making an impact with your work.  You will follow the 5 ELEMENTS, see examples and do exercises so that you can start applying these principles to make a real difference with your work

  • Assess your Career and Business using our E3.0 Score Card

    We will show how you can assess your career or business using our E3.0 Score Card.  You can use your scores to consider where you want to focus your time and energy in the months ahead

  • Discover how to set your Compass

    Over the years, many professionals have worked with us to gain clarity and direction in their career and business.  We have helped them set their compass so that they can confidently make an impact with your work, even in unpredictable times!


"With my purpose and professional skills, and using the 3.0 model, we can adapt to change with confidence, while still making a measurable difference in the world with our work"